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05.01.2006 17:46

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In short

LLC Research and Production Company "MMC "MADIN" manufactures physiotherapeutic medical equipment.

Our company produces equipment for general magnetotherapy, such as new models of

We make the complex delivery of own made equipment, that includes delivery, installation, commissioning, training, provisioning with methodical recommendations, consultations, guarantee maintenance.

The manufacturing of this equipment is licensed.

magnetoterapeutic unit EOL “Magnitoturbotron”®, “Colibri”® and “Colibri-Expert”; equipment for cedar-therapy: cedar mini steam-bath “The cist of health”, the cabinet of reconstructive curing “Cedar Healer”.

General magnetotherapy


«Madin» introduces medical equipment of own production:

General magnetotherapy

The new model of

a magnetoterapeutic unit EOL «Magnitoturbotron»ЭОЛ-Магнитотурботрон®is a brand new way of curing the wide range of illnesses without the usage of medicines.

Magnetoterapeutic units “Colibri”® and “Colibri-Expert”

Magnetoterapeutic unit “Madin” – low-frequency revolving magnetic field with adjustment of frequency, modulation and induction

EOL "Magnitoturbothrone" LUX


Our official dealers:

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